You’ve heard about them, your neighbors have them, but are they really worth the price?

Leaf filter gutter guards or Leaf filter gutter protection as you may have heard, are a type of mesh filter that claims to strain water into your gutter by blocking out heavy debris. The hope is that the wind will simply blow the debris right off the top and you’ll never have to clean out your gutters again.

Chances are if you call them to your home you may get a very convincing sales presentation done by a highly skilled sales professional. By the end of the presentation and all of the promises the sales professional will then hit you with your very substantial quote. Yes, that’s right…anybody who has had this system installed, know that it is very costly to do so.

My problem with this?

It’s a pretty hefty claim to reason that only “Leaf Filter” gutter protection systems can do this job of filtering your water into your gutter while blocking debris, but it’s equally uncanny to claim that their system works effortlessly and perfectly. It won’t take you long, doing your own research, to see that are several unhappy customers.

True, not all gutter guards/protection systems are created the equal, but one thing that they need to have in common are-

Pores: They need to be fine enough to allow only water to get inside the gutter, if you look at store-bought plastic gutter guards, you’ll notice that the pores are much bigger and lots of debris can get caught in them and jam up your gutters. How counterproductive is that? You spend money to avoid the hassle and danger of constantly cleaning out your gutters but then you realize all you’ve done is invested in something that creates MORE clogging, hassle and danger. Pores are just half the battle and brings me to the next thing you must look for

Design: It’s very beneficial to look at the design within the weaving of the mesh. If you notice, Leaf Filter has no design, cuts or grooves in their mesh. The problem with this? When debris gets wet and sits on top of their filter it just sits…gets stuck and heavy, each rainfall? It gets heavier. In the areas with stuck and heavy debris, you’ll begin to see bowing from the gutters and they will begin to be weighed down from the sludge. This is poor manufacturing and would really only work if you live in a area like California, where you see very little or next to no rainfall, humidity or condensation. Unfortunately, for the other part of the population, this design will never be ideal.

So will there ever be an effective answer to the constant, time consuming task of cleaning out your gutters?

In short, Yes. Thats why we, at Blue Ridge Mountain Services, have heard the complaints of many unhappy customers who wanted a different option that actually worked. If you reference the photo we have used at the top of this content, you will see that we offer a high quality stainless steel, medical grade micro-mesh gutter guards. The fine pores and design give you the optimal and most effective option at fighting gutter clogs.