Whether you’re looking for luxury resort-caliber additions for your home or just a private backyard oasis to cool down in after a run, an outdoor shower may be the answer to your home renovation rut. As we all now, anything you can do to upgrade your home is a potential moneymaker and can increase the value of your home.

In the days where everyone is hoping to be original and conformity is an idea of the past, upgrading your backyard game is essential.

Why an outdoor shower you may wonder? Aside from the fact that it is stunningly chic, an outdoor shower is great for hosting pool parties and allowing your guests to conveniently change or shower before or after their pool party festivities, just make sure that showers installed for these reasons offer plenty of privacy by adding doors. Or maybe you like to garden or have animals or children that often go outside and get muddy and need a place to spray off before coming in the house, outdoor showers offer a quick and convenient way of doing so. If you find yourself living near a beach it is also great for spraying off the extra salt and sand before tracking it into the home.

We at Blue Ridge Mountain Services offer creative custom shower design solutions to add to all of your home improvement needs.